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VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The VSI5X vertical shaft impact crusher is very popular on the market.The service life of the machine has been increased by 48%, the cost has been reduced by 30%, and the material throughput has been improved by 30%, so the efficiency and capacity requirements of customers can be met.
Applications:Mechanism sand, bituminous concrete, metal mine, aggregates shaping

Working Principles

The material falls vertically from the upper part of the machine into a high-speed rotating impeller.Under the action of high speed centrifugal force, it collides with another part of matter which is transferred to the impeller in the form of umbrella.The material is crushed and discharged directly from the lower part to form a closed loop with multiple cycles, which is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the desired particle size of the finished product.

Learn More About Liming® VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

1.Special light oil lubrication system to ensure the temperature within 25℃;
2.The new automatic protection device provides vibration, oil filter and warning system for the machine;
3.the new oil filter device, to ensure that the bearing and other transmission devices are not worn, extend the service life;
4.The optimized design of wear-resistant material extends the service life of the machine by 40% and reduces the cost by more than 40%;
5.Better impeller design reduces material resistance;High weight reduction through material quantity and crushing rate, so the efficiency is improved by 30%-60% compared with traditional machines;
6.The hydraulic system can be automatically uncovered, reducing labor intensity and making maintenance easier;
7.The host machine adopts new technology, which can enhance the structure and strength of the machine and ensure stable performance.The quality of the machine has been raised to a higher level;
8.VSI crusher adopts advanced light oil leakage prevention device, which avoids the trouble of replacing oil seal.

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